This helped me reset my mindset about how much this is my responsibility. I have a good accountant, but he assumes I know what I am doing, and I don’t. This helped so much!

Susan Hooper

Your instructor did an outstanding job touching on many of the deductions one can take from being self-employed. She crammed so many tips into the 2 hours that the time flew by for me, ready to make some key decisions and simplify our lives because of this one seminar! Thank you!

Cindy Curley

It was the most informative, interesting, and well-presented seminar I have ever attended, both in person and online. Your instructor was fantastic and also funny and entertaining. It’s not easy to make tax code not boring!

Sharon Mahoney

I wish I had this seminar many years ago! Would have saved many tens of thousands in taxes over the years. I cannot believe it!

Nicholas R. Joseph

Your instructor made learning tax stuff fun, who would have thought?! Your instructor made the information easy to understand, engaging, funny and left me waiting for her next words. I learned SO much from this seminar! There is SO much I didn’t know and looking forward to learning and not leaving any money on the table when I do my taxes. Excellent instructor!

Marla Scalone

I have to say this is the best business planning class I have taken in sometime. The knowledge that your instructor has and offered in this class is outstanding! I learned so much that will save me thousands of dollars annually. I highly recommend this class to any business owner!

Tera Surbeck