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How Business Tax Deductions helps you slash your taxes even more

The Business Tax Deductions Program gives you a complete on-the-go audio program along with a fully-annotated plain-English reference guide — Business Tax Deductions. That way you have these money-saving tax methods at your fingertips during tax time… and all year long.

This audio- and workbook-based course has been designed for busy people like you! Use it in two ways: First, pop in a CD or memory stick and listen to it while you drive in your car, work out at the gym, or even walk the dog. Once you have identified the strategies that work for you, and yes—you can skip around to what is interesting to you.

Learn about tax-saving strategies that can save you thousands of dollars on your tax bill, including these examples:

  • How to deduct up to $734 per day for your business travel transportation (reference page 15).
  • 5 things you must prove to the IRS to deduct entertainment without raising an eyebrow (reference page 49).
  • Is having a home office a red flag for IRS audits? (Reference page 61).
  • How to deduct 100% of the cost of a home repair even when your home office takes only 10% of the house (reference page 66).
  • How to sell your home for a profit of up to half a million dollars without owing a nickel to the IRS (reference page 85).
  • How to hire your spouse without paying payroll taxes (reference page 89).
  • How to deduct up to $125,000 (or more, with inflation adjustments) for the cost of your vehicle (reference page 125).
  • 36 items in your building that can be depreciated like equipment (reference page 142).
  • How to get a business travel deduction by watching a DVD (reference page 19).
  • Are Shriner’s, Masons, Kiwanis, Elks, or Rotary Club dues deductible? (Reference page 41).