How Bradford Tax Solutions help self-employed and solo business owners take control of their taxes

Our clients are self-employed or are one-owner or spouse-owned businesses, regardless of business form (S-Corp, C-Corp, Sole Proprietor, 1099, Statutory), or industry.

Help your members or agents save thousands on next year’s taxes with this tax-reductions seminar

How you can host a Tax Seminar for your members or agents

Hosting a Bradford Tax Seminar is simple: We provide an expert speaker, a proven, entertaining tax course and marketing materials. You provide a space for the seminar—training room, conference room or a hotel meeting room.  Then just send out the announcement flier by email and/or in your organization’s newsletter.  That’s it—we do the rest.

What your people will learn in a Bradford Tax Seminar

  • What qualifies as deductible entertainment under the new tax law; qualified meals too. How to maximize these
  • How to use a medical reimbursement plan that can save you and your family thousands of tax dollars every year
  • Tips for maximizing your automobile deductions—including luxury autos—plus easy documentation strategies
  • How to safely qualify your home office for big tax deductions, even if you spend most of your office time at another office
  • How to audit-proof your tax records—so you reduce chances of an audit, but can stand confident if selected randomly
  • Learn how to make the most of your new 20% 199A tax deductions
  • Simple tricks for tax record-keeping that tax preparers love and will also audit-proof your return

Why choose Bradford Tax Solutions to help your agents and members prosper

Self-employed professionals and solo (or spouse-owned) business owners trust and depend on you to help them improve their fortunes.  No wonder hundreds of associations, clubs and agencies over the past 40 years have used Bradford Tax Seminars to help their members and agents become more prosperous—in turn creating greater loyalty to your organization.  Best of all, hosting of a Bradford Tax Seminar won’t cost you—or your people—a penny.