Our instructors make tax reduction easy to understand—and enjoyable!

These events are fast paced and practical—the perfect way for non-tax professionals to acquire techniques for achieving major tax savings

Attendees learn strategies from trained presenters who show them that it’s fun to save thousands of dollars on taxes

Kelly Clark

Tax Strategies Live Instructor

Kelly Clark has a proven record as a national speaker and training professional. For more than 15 years, her energetic and inspiring delivery has wowed the participants of more than 2000 Tax Strategies programs. Successfully self-employed herself, her fast pace, humor and content-rich delivery will motivate your group with the tax benefits of self-employment

Maine Shafer

Tax Strategies Live Instructor

Maine Shafer has been a professional speaker for 21 years, more than 17 years of that with Bradford and Company, Inc. Maine uses his extensive legal background and business savvy to create a dynamic Tax Strategies Live program that produces thousands in new deductions for your group.

Thomas Rich

Tax Strategies Live Instructor

Thomas Rich is an accomplished professional speaker who draws from a diverse professional background to communicate the Proven Tax Strategies course in an engaging and useful way. With 20+ years as a Bradford instructor, clients from all groups give Thomas high marks for his communication skills.

Charles Davis

Tax Strategies Live Instructor

Charlie Davis is a tax professional and financial advisor. With a proven record as a speaker, Charlie is a recognized professional with hundreds of nationally taught sessions on tax strategies for the self-employed professional. Charlie's mix of financial expertise and self-employed know-how make his live programs exciting and relevant for any self-employed professional.