Bradford Tax Solutions help Associations or Organizations build exceptional member loyalty and retention

• Dentists

• Physicians

• Financial Planners

• Veterinarians

• Consultants

• Attorneys

"We like to put on programs that create loyalty. It’s powerful when the doctor who attends is able to save $12,000 in taxes for showing up to a seminar. We’ve done two Bradford Tax Seminars, and we’ll do more in the future. They make our organization look great.”

Kim Wolozyn, Director of Marketing & Education
NuImage Advanced Dental Seminars

How We Help Associations or Organizations Retain Members

Your members look to you to help them succeed in their profession or business. The more you help them prosper, the more grateful they are. That’s why it makes sense to help your members achieve greater financial success.

Bradford Tax Solutions help your members save thousands of dollars on their taxes—which makes those members appreciate your organization for hosting the event. That makes them more loyal . . . and more likely to renew their membership.  That’s smart business.

Best of all, hosting a Bradford Tax Seminar costs you—and your members—nothing.

Why Members Appreciate Your Organization for Sponsoring Bradford Tax Seminars

You know that your members always appreciate additional benefits and privileges.  They especially like it when you help them prosper—when you help them become more financially successful.

Bradford Tax Solutions delivers exactly this kind of value-added benefit to members of Associations or Organizations Specifically, our seminars show your members how they can save thousands on next year’s taxes. We provide an expert speaker, course materials and tax-reduction strategies that they can put to work immediately, so they put a lot more money in their pockets at tax time next April.

Your members will be grateful that you’ve hosted this valuable seminar—and they’ll be more likely to renew their membership when renewal time comes around. Best of all, a Bradford Tax Seminar for your people won’t cost you—or them—a penny.

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